Wooden fence – Widely Found in rural areas

Wooden fence – Widely Found in rural areas

The wooden fence is old and traditional. As it has been modernized over time, the wooden fence has also undergone some modifications. As it is a type of fence used since the earliest times, other types of wood have been used for better results.

Furthermore, the wooden fence has also become more aesthetically beautiful and has been a great option too, in addition to protecting, beautify the place, and leave it with a more cozy, different, and beautiful air.

What is wood fence?

A wooden fence is a type of fence widely used in pastures, homes in less dangerous places, rural areas, etc. However, as it is a material that may have less resistance to climate change, the wood used needs to be chosen with caution.

The price of different types of fence

Among the most varied types of wooden fences, you can also find a variety of values. After all, this can vary depending on:

  • Kind of wood;
  • Treatment;
  • Size.

In other words, in addition to the type of wood chosen, it must have a satisfactory quality, it must undergo appropriate treatment in order to guarantee the desired effect. For those who do not want to spend a lot, wooden garden fences are the best option, as they are basic models.

However, they are also less resistant and usually cost around AU$ 51.18 per 5 meters, approximately. However, if the choice is a more resistant and better type of fence for outdoor areas, the value can reach AU$ 38.38 per meter or more.

Wood fence

The sale of wood is still very strong nowadays. After all, the product can be used for the most diverse purposes and this ends up adding invaluable value to its usefulness. Even when not used for construction, wood can also be sold in the form of firewood.

Installing the wooden fence can have different prices. The reason is that, with different types, it can range from the simplest to the most elaborate. This all makes the price differ from one model to another.

In general, the price of a wooden fence can vary from AU$ 35.83 to AU$ 38.38 per linear meter. The value can vary depending on the professional hired, but with the necessary materials and labor, it can reach AU$ 1151.55 to AU$ 1279.50.

However, some models of the wooden fences may come out at a more affordable value. Regarding the fence made of wire mesh, for example, which is very common to be seen in soccer fields and campgrounds, the average amount to be invested can be approximately AU$ 17.91 to AU$ 20.47 per linear meter, already including labor and material.

In this way, an earth with a perimeter of 50 m, can reach a value of approximately AU$ 895.65 to AU$ 1023.60.

The main types of wire fence

As this is something that offers great diversity, you will usually find a large number of types of wire fences. The most seen are:

  • Rustic type;
  • Model for farm;
  • For homes;
  • Horizontal wood;
  • Wood with canvas.

Rustic wooden fence

The rustic wooden fence is usually darker in color, bordering on mahogany. The reason is that the intention is to give a rustic and differentiated impression of the environment. Because of that, it combines perfectly with country houses.

However, this type of fence can be made in different sizes and shapes, and can even be used to make a large kennel, such as a wooden fence with mesh.

Wooden fence for farm

The wooden farm fence model tends to have a short, continuous height. In general, this type of fence remains the same until it demarcates the entire territory and reaches the main gate of the house.

Wooden fence for houses

When wooden fences are placed in front of houses, they are usually larger and rounded in shape. However, the wooden fence for houses is not so common in other territories, as the custom is to use a steel gate.

Even so, the chair fence used in homes can have different sizes and shapes, according to the client’s requirements, and it can even be a horizontal wooden fence.

How to make wooden fence?

Many expenses can be saved once you know how to make this type of fence. To start the process, you will need some very important materials:

  • Nails;
  • Complete set of screws;
  • Wooden slats 5cm wide and 6mm thick;
  • More slats 95 cm high;
  • Varnish and brush;
  • Mountain range;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Tar.

Before gathering all the necessary materials, be sure to measure the space and choose the height of the fence. It may be necessary to change the size of the slats. A tip is that, if desired, diagonal cuts can be made, like a kind of spear in the slats that will be vertical.

Then place the tar over the entire area where the fence will be buried. Then, with the longer slats and hammer, nail it horizontally, leaving the spacing you want. Then place the screws so that the fence becomes firm.

When one of the fence walls is ready, just place it on the ground and then place the rest in order to close the fence. Finally, just finish with the varnish or paint of your choice. If the chosen option is actually varnish, make sure to use a specific brush for the application of the product in order to avoid scratches on the wood.

Building the fence is something very personal to each person, as the environment and the resident’s taste can influence a lot, making the wood used to be shorter, taller, with different shapes, with or without ends, etc.

In addition, the same step by step can be done on the wooden garden fence, in order to protect the plants from animals and other invaders. The difference will be the size of the slats and respectively the usability and durability of the product.

Maria Dublin