Tricks for roof paint

Tricks for roof paint

Have you decided to roof paint but wonder how to do it quickly and well? We give you 8 tricks to paint ceilings. So you are going to shot done. From the choice of tools to small details that will make your task easier. You will save time and, above all, you will be satisfied with your work.

Roof Paint tricks # 1: Keep furniture and floors intact

Although a bit lazy at first, you’ll be happy in the end: you won’t have to clean up paint stains. Clear the room you are going to paint as much as possible. And the rest, protect it.

Move the furniture to the center and cover it with plastic. You find practical rolls or large pieces that cover tables, armchairs, etc.

And for the ground? Avoid plastics to avoid slipping. Very practical absorbent felts come. Or something easier: put cardboard and papers, and that’s it.

For yourself, look for comfortable and old clothes that you can stain. Of course: gloves and protective glasses are essential. For the head, wear a cap. Or something more practical: get yourself a painter’s jumpsuit and don’t worry.

Roof Paint tricks # 2: No surprises in bathrooms or kitchens

Are you going to paint the ceiling of the bathroom or kitchen? Before applying a particular treatment to prevent the appearance of mold. After protecting furniture and toilets, clean with a degreaser and repair cracks.

Roof Paint tricks # 3: Get splash-free walls

If you are also going to paint the walls, always start with the ceiling. If you plan to apply paint in another color, place painter’s tape (or bodybuilder) around the perimeter, right where the ceiling and wall meet.

That you are not going to paint them and are afraid to stain them? There are plastics that measure the perfect height and already have adhesive tape incorporated to fix in the meeting with the ceiling. Thus, they will be totally safe from splashes.

Roof Paint tricks # 4: Do not use bad forces

Roller with extension and tray with grid: these are your allies. You get an excellent result and you take care of yourself. Because you avoid bad postures and contractions.

Choose a good quality roller that is suitable for your ceiling: they are multipurpose and others are specific for smooth or gotelé surfaces. A long-haired wool roller is a good option for gotelé. Learn more about choosing a roller.

An extendable extension will allow you to perfectly adjust it to the necessary height and avoid going up and down the ladder. A homemade option is to attach the roller handle to a broomstick. If in doubt, do a dry test before you start. Most likely, it will pay off to get an extension cord.

One key to speeding up work and loading the roller with just the right amount of paint is having a bucket ( or tray ) with a screen. This way you can load the paint roller without removing it from the extension, pass it through the rack to remove the excess, and raise it to the ceiling. And all this without stopping.

Roof Paint tricks # 5: Show off in the details

The brushes trim are ideal for accessing corners, nooks, and ceiling and wall meet. Before rolling, paint these places with the brush. A homemade trick to prevent a drop of paint from falling? Tuck the handle into a plastic lid or plate.

Using the brush, it will be easier to prevent the roller from hitting edges and corners. And you’ll make a clean, splash-free pass.

An ingenious alternative to avoiding the use of the brush and masking tape at the wall and ceiling meet? The trimmer roller: it has a built-in spatula on the side that avoids uncomfortable burrs.

Roof Paint tricks # 6: Plan and follows an order

After protecting floors, walls, and furniture, follow the recommended order: start with the trimming brush first. Then rollover. 

Roof Paint tricks # 7: Save washing time

Every time you take a break or have to wait to give a second coat, don’t wash the roller! Save yourself this cumbersome task: wrap it in plastic so the paint doesn’t dry out. Another option: get a rolling pin that includes an airtight storage container. You put it inside and with a click you release the handle without straining your hands. Holds moist and fluffy for up to three weeks, depending on the type of paint.

And the bucket or tray? Before pouring the paint, you can wrap it in plastic. So when you finish the task, you remove the plastic and you don’t have to wash it. There are even protective covers for trays.

Roof Paint tricks # 8: Get the paint right

What characterizes good ceiling paints? They have great covering power and barely splash. You find a lot of options with these characteristics, most of them are recommended for both walls and ceilings. So if you are going to paint the entire room the same shade, you don’t have to buy two different types of paint. Thus, in addition, you save.

And the color? The most common is to paint the ceiling white or a light color. But if they are very tall, you can dare with a color and play with the tone of the walls, doors, windows, or floors.

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