Tiling: Marble tiles patterned

Tiling: Marble tiles patterned

Marble tiling is perhaps the most popular trend, which is only gaining momentum every year. Quite often we can find this pattern on tiling, furniture items, and even everyday accessories. This is exactly the pattern that will perfectly complement the interior of any style – from timeless classics to modern minimalism or glamor. 

Marble can bring elegance to your home like no other material and create a unique character that will leave no one indifferent.

Marble tile color

Marble tiling is not only fashionable thin, darker veins on a white cut. It can be of many colors. Black marble tiling with white veins is becoming more and more popular, and for a long time this pattern can also be found in other, unusual, let’s say, colors: blue, red, brown, green. These options are self-sufficient and will look great if you decorate the room in one color scheme, but they will also look no less advantageous in a combination of several colors. 

One of the most popular uses for marble tiling in the interior is the purchase of ceramic tiling with marble motifs. Such an impressive selection will add zest to your home interior. Today marble tiling is available in so many variations, formats, and, of course, shapes. This makes it possible to personalize your home.

This option can be successfully applied to decorate a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, or hallway. Light colors are perfect for use in a small bathroom, for example. White walls will visually add space to this room, and the characteristic veins will not make the room boring. Black marble, on the other hand, is perfectly applicable in spacious rooms.


The fashion trend of marble effect tiling quickly captured the hearts of many buyers. And the desire to cut off marble veins on tiling as rarely as possible pushed manufacturers to create large-format tiling with a marble pattern. By opting for this tiling option for decorating your home, you can easily create the effect of a marble panel. The elegance of the room, which is decorated in this way, will speak for itself; here you will not need any additional accessories and bright accents, no matter what style you adhere to create your dream home.

Another rather interesting option for using a marble motif in the interior of your home is to use this material as a decorative element, that is, to highlight with this pattern the area on which you need to focus. For example, you can select only the shower room with such a pattern or only the area with a mirror and a washbasin. Designate a favorite place, so to speak. Marble is the material that does not leave anyone indifferent, the natural depth and naturalness of this pattern have great potential, so the marble is comparable to the classic style in the interior, which is why it is relevant now as it will be relevant in ten years when we change furniture.

How to choose marble effect tiles

Lifehack: how to quickly find marbled tiles from almost every manufacturer? Very often collections of tiles with marble motifs are called Calacatta. The base tiling in these collections is mainly polished, which very accurately reflects the exquisite network of marble veins. This base is perfectly complemented by trendy chevrons, hexagons, and mosaics. This combination of marble and geometric tile format can be an amazing base for a minimalist, eco, or modern interior.

Marble is a stone that simply amazes with the beauty of its depth. This material was taken directly from the depths of nature, which will definitely add freshness to your home. This pattern will go well with patterns of a similar natural origin. One of these patterns will undoubtedly be the same popular trend as marble – wood imitation tiles. This stylish material will undoubtedly add warmth and coziness to your home, add saturation to the interior, and also “warm” the image of a cold stone with its warmth. Wood and marble are a combination that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

What to combine marble effect tiles with

And of course, another popular trend that goes well with marble motifs in gold accessories. This combination will always match well enough no matter what color we prefer. It is best to give preference to gold, elements such as decorative lamps, fittings, and mirror frames.

Marble tiles will also work well in the crazy electro style. A neutral stone can liven up trendy and rich colors. The most popular combinations of marbled tiles with such colors: burgundy, bottle green, dark blue, or purple. This option can also be a wonderful basis for a modern interior.

Such a unique material as marble has been used in interior decoration for many hundreds of years, rather even millennia. Love for the natural beauty of this stone has been passed down from generation to generation and has long been more than just a fashion trend. Due to its uniqueness, elegance, and versatility, this type of decor will always be present in our homes and delight our eyes with the depth of its beauty. And a wide variety of colors, materials, and types of veining gives you a lot of freedom to create the design of your dream home.

Rob Prosser