Security: Alarm or video surveillance, what to choose?

Security: Alarm or video surveillance, what to choose?

Often asked what is best for security: burglar alarms or video surveillance? Ideally – both. However, sometimes there is a question of choice because there is not enough money or you do not want to complicate the security system. 

That is why today we will understand the pros and cons of each method. 

1. Video surveillance.


  • low cost
  • video surveillance installation takes little time
  • You can connect video surveillance to a smartphone or computer for easy monitoring of the situation when you are not at home in the event of a robbery, you will have evidence that you can pass on to the police.


  • CCTV system will not save you from the burglar
  • the criminal can break CCTV cameras.

As you can see, the video surveillance system has more pros than cons, but it will not save you from robbery, but will only be a tool to identify the offender.

2. Security alarm for the house.


– sound siren, which can be heard within a radius of 100 meters

– affordable cost and the ability to connect the alarm to the security company (the price of the monthly fee for security does not exceed the cost of an average lunch in a good restaurant)

– prompt response in the event of an attempted robbery (the crew arrives at your address within 10 minutes after the alarm is received on the remote control), provided that the alarm system is connected to the remote control.


– The only downside is that the alarm system itself does not guarantee the prevention of robbery if it is not connected to the security company. The best she can do is scare the criminal with a siren.

Summing up, it should be said that each of the methods of protection can cope well with its task. However, in both cases, it is very important to connect to the remote security company. In the case of video surveillance, it is always best to have a special person who constantly monitors what is happening and can react to suspicious actions. In the case of burglar alarms, they should be connected to the remote control so that the alarm goes to the alarm.

The alarm is one of the most effective means of protecting the house and any room from theft and accidents. 

Let’s take a brief look at what home alarms are and why they are needed:

1. Security alarm. It is necessary for the safety of your values. If the thief decides to commit a crime, it will work as soon as he tries to enter your territory. The risk of robbery exists for absolutely everyone, so it is naive to think “this will not happen to me.” It will happen if you are not armed. No less important is the choice of device. 

2. Fire alarm. The fire alarm is a necessary security measure of any living space. Yes, it does not prevent a fire, but it does respond to the first signs of a fire if you are not at home or if you are sound asleep. There is always a risk of fire. Therefore, it is much cheaper to install a fire alarm than to calculate the damage from an accident.

3. GSM alarm system. A very convenient way to control the security of your room with a mobile phone. When the alarm sensors are triggered, the owner receives a notification on the phone in the form of an SMS. You can configure the system so that notifications of intrusion, fire, gas leaks are sent to several people on the list. Thus, wherever you are, you will always be aware of events and will be able to take the necessary measures to eliminate the danger.

4. Laser alarm. You’ve all seen this device in action in robbery movies. These are thin laser beams that turn on after you walk. If the thief enters the room and crosses the laser stretcher, a very loud siren sounds, which will be heard within a radius of 100 meters. However, you should not try to install a laser alarm with your own hands – it is better to trust professionals.

We have considered only the types of alarms for an apartment or other premises. There are also alarms for transport (such as cars or bicycles).

The main thing to remember is never to neglect the security system. And always turn to protection professionals.

Natalie Leary