Renovation of roof: how to do?

Renovation of roof: how to do?

The renovation can only concern the roof, it can involve the insulating materials or the entire roof structure. Here’s everything you need to know

  • 1 Roof renovation: what is the procedure?
  • 2 How much does it cost to redo the roof?
  • 3 Roof renovation: intervention prices
  • 4 Refurbishment of the structure
  • 5 Roof renovation: are there tax deductions?
  • 6 Roof renovation: here are the main types of works
  • 7 Refurbishment of the condominium roof and distribution of expenses

Of all the renovations, the roof refurbishment is not the simplest, nor the cheapest. But it may be necessary for your safety, or for your well-being. Better then to approach this undertaking with knowledge of the facts. You are in the right place: here you will find all the information on the procedure, on the various types of work and their costs.

Roof refurbishment: what is the procedure?

Knowing the procedure will make you understand immediately what type of intervention you are going to face. To access the roof safely, it will be necessary to mount a scaffolding or use a mobile platform. The cover will then need to be dismantled and disposed of.

If this is the only part to be replaced, the new cover will be installed. If, on the other hand, the intervention is aimed at improving the thermal insulation or waterproofing, it will be necessary to replace the insulating material or the sheath. Finally, we talk about complete restructuring when it is necessary to intervene on the structure because it is subject to failure or otherwise damage.

How much does it cost to redo the roof?

The cost of renovating the roof can only depend on the type of intervention. However, it will be a fairly expensive operation, given the modalities. The rest will depend on the surface to be restored and the materials used. The table we propose will help you get an idea.

Roof refurbishment: intervention prices

Type of restructuringPrice per m²
External insulation48 – 64 $
Internal insulation40 – 56 $
Shingles16 – 24 $
Sheath25 – 32 $
Scaffolding19 – 27 $
Labor56 – 80 $ (per hour)

Refurbishment of the structure

Wood322 – 451 $
Steel484 – 564 $
Cement484 – 564 $

Roof refurbishment: are there tax deductions?

The good news is that the refurbishment of the roof entitles you to House Bonuses. This is a renovation that, among other things, can guarantee an improvement in energy efficiency or in the seismic class. To understand which tax deduction you can take advantage of, we recommend that you browse the Revenue Agency Guides and ask for advice from the company you are going to contact.

Roof refurbishment: here are the main types of works

  • The replacement of the tiles is the most simple intervention among those of reconstruction of the roof. You can do this for purely aesthetic reasons, or because the old cover is damaged. In the second case it is good that you contact an expert, who will assess the situation. Behind the decay there may be a problem that needs a deeper restructuring.
  • Redoing the glulam roof is one of the most common complete renovations. Wood has extraordinary natural properties: it is a long-lived, light material, it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and has a high mechanical resistance.
  • This last feature must be taken into great consideration when deciding to renovate an antisimic roof . The upper part of a building is the most stressed, because the seismic waves are amplified going upwards. The lightening of the structure allows to increase its safety.
  • Opting for a photovoltaic roof , on the other hand, allows you to improve the energy class of the building. Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof to produce electricity for self-consumption. The intervention is minimally invasive and, when the roof is sunny, it represents a real investment.
  • The application of heat-reflecting paints for roofs is also not very invasive and particularly effective . These reduce the summer surface temperatures even by 30 ° C-40 ° C, lowering the temperature of the sheaths, sheets, solar paving, thus drastically reducing the cooling costs of the internal environments. All in a perfect GREEN logic.

Refurbishment of the condominium roof and distribution of expenses

If you do not live in a detached house, you will have to face the problem of the distribution of expenses. In a condominium, the solution is quite simple: the restructuring will be discussed in the assembly and the cost will be divided according to the thousandths. However, if the roof consists of a terrace for the use of one or more condominiums, these will have to bear a third of the cost of the intervention.

The situation is more complex for two-family or three-family houses, as well as for small condominiums, where there is no administrator. In these cases, we strongly recommend that you define the breakdown of the expense in advance and start work only after reaching an agreement.

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