How Fire Protection System Installers Work?

How Fire Protection System Installers Work?

Just hearing about fires instinctively brings to mind an image of destruction. The power of the flames is devastating and for this reason we must never neglect the possible protection and extinction measures that are within our reach.

Today in Redmen, we want to talk about everything established by the regulations for the Fire Protection System installation companies of any protection element, since not any installer is authorized for it.

Applicable regulations

The Regulation of Fire Protection Installation is the one that establishes the conditions required both in relation to the design, installation, maintenance and inspection of any system or equipment intended for fire protection.

Thus, this regulation is the one that both autonomous Fire Protection System installers and installation companies of any element related to protection must comply with, so as not to incur a crime or, of course, to breach the minimum security rules.

In this article we are going to focus only on Fire Protection System installation companies. In this decree they are defined as follows:

“Installation company: entity that, following the indications of the project or the technical documentation and complying with the conditions established in these Regulations, carries out one or more of the following activities:

  1. Locate and/or install active fire protection equipment and/or systems.
  2. Place the signals, beacons and/or evacuation planes of the luminescent signaling systems.”

The most important thing to keep in mind is that any installation company must be duly authorized before the competent body of the Autonomous Community where it requests registration as a company, in the equipment or systems that it is going to install.

An exception is the case of portable fire extinguishers and fireproof blankets, which must be installed by professionals except in premises of less than 100 mor single-family homes, where they can be placed by the same user.

How Fire Protection System Installers Work?

Requirements to be met

The requirements that installers must meet are as follows:

  • Have the legal identification documentation.
  • In case of being a company and having hired personnel, they must also meet the same requirements.
  • Have the technical means to work safely.
  • Subscribe to civil liability insurance.
  • Have a quality certificate of the implemented system, issued by an accredited certification body.
  • The authorized installation company may not provide or assign installation certificates that have not been carried out by it.

Fire Protection System Installation companies

To qualify as an installation company, they must submit to the competent body a responsible declaration containing the list of fire protection equipment and systems for which they want to train, that they have the means to carry out these installations in safe conditions, etc.

Obligations to be fulfilled by Fire Protection System installation companies

The legal regulations also establish a series of obligations for professional installers. Let’s see them:

As is normal, they can not install protection systems that do not comply with the current provisions, having the obligation to indicate it in writing to the buyer of the same.

In the same way, you must proceed if you see that the technical documentation of the project does not conform to the established, stopping the work until this situation is corrected.

When he has finished his work, the installer must provide the user with the technical documentation and maintenance instructions to ensure its proper use.

Any breach of the regulations may mean the cessation of the activity.

Thus, and as in any sector, you must always put yourself in the hands of professionals who comply with all legal regulations, so as not to have any problem or subsequent accident.

Natalie Leary