Counseling: 5 Reasons Your Life Can Be Much Better With

Counseling: 5 Reasons Your Life Can Be Much Better With

Counseling Psychology has become an indispensable factor and cognitive factor in life today. Not just a psychiatrist or psychologist. But people need to have it too. Parents without parenting psychology often face family relationship challenges.

And the growth of children. Teachers who do not have the psychology of teaching their students are often unable to guide their students to a bright solution. A supervisor who does not have psychology and his subordinates often cannot make his employees trust themselves. Including having a good working atmosphere have positive morale of work.

Especially in this era living in the midst of rapid change. The chaos of social stress and pressure from economic problems that affect the way of life, including our relationships If anyone has a weapon that is knowledge plus psychological skills. It will help protect yourself. Including those around him from the pressures around them as well.

One group of skills is becoming more and more practical and important, and many parents, teachers, and people overlook this, even though this is something that brings happiness and comfort. We have very much that is a mentoring skill.

Counseling in the eyes of the common man is to sit and listen to the other person to share their own problems Then the mentor tries to find a solution or give sharp advice, but in reality, what other people understand may not match what a professional counselor. Including counseling according to the principles that are really correct as

Indeed, proper counseling contains details that require considerable attention. Counselors have empathy, that is, the perception of the other person’s feelings. Including actually understanding the point of view of the other party The ability to listen to details. Including not judging from your own point of view It can also be used to ask powerful questions. In order to make the other person think in ways that might not be imagined

In the study of the results of developing employees in the organization to have correct counseling skills (Counseling skills), it was found that there have been many positive changes, such as improving team communication. Including helping to develop employees’ interpersonal skills It helps to develop a level of self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Are expressing their feelings appropriately Including better emotional management helping to improve the overall mental health of employees throughout the organization. Help employees to relieve stress and prevent depression better. It helps to increase self-confidence, make decisions and resolve problems and resolve conflicts more effectively.

If viewed in terms of people that could be both your parents’ teacher, teacher, lover, or supervisor in the world of work. Received good results from having professional mentor skills which guarantee a drastic change in your life.

This can be summarized in 5 main good results of counseling as follows:

1. Your relationship will improve.

Because of counseling skills, it has to be through developing an understanding of other people’s perspectives. Including knowing more and more quietly and listening to each other without judgment, just as it makes all kinds of relationships instantly better Originally, each other had never truly thought of listening to each other. It turned out to be the desire to truly understand the other person, making each other feel that the other person opened up and listened. It Will help create a much better atmosphere.

2. You will have the skills.

Counseling skills can be applied to all family relationships, with close friends, with loved ones, with co-workers, etc., where even just sitting and sipping coffee comfortably can use the counseling process. This will make the conversation more productive and make a great impact rather than just sitting down in prayer. It will also help those around you get some basic mental help or healing. Before the problem could escalate.

3. You will have a deeper understanding of others.

Understanding other people’s feelings and perspectives It will give you an advantage in many aspects. Since being a good friend is not recommended from my own point of view. (But in the end, the other person does not, because the conditions in life are different), convincing others after they actually understand how that person looks or feels. As well as to truly understand other people It will make you less judgmental to others. Expect others to think less like themselves. And your life will be much lighter.

4. You’ll be giving yourself advice.

The best knowledge of psychology is to apply it to yourself effectively. You should have the psychology of using it to help and care for yourself when you need it. Know how to ask questions or talking to yourself. Methodically will help you solve problems as well as find solutions for yourself. As first aid Before looking for help, if your self-esteem doesn’t work.

5. Strengthen your career.

In some professions such as HR coach, supervisor, training lecturer Personal finance advisor Sales of insurance products, teachers, etc. Counseling skills that help down to the feeling. Including the clues that remain in the mind past experiences that remain intact will help to reinforce people in the aforementioned professional fields. Able to expand the scope of capabilities Create more results and can help others complete the process more. This will benefit both people who work in that profession as well as others who are customers as well.

Counseling can be considered as a life skill that can significantly impact both the skilled person and those around him. And it is useful in an age when mental health is becoming an increasingly important issue, which learning and practicing should be obtained from a professional counselor psychologist. In which learning includes both learning principles and practical training to create flight hours of expertise to be able to cope with a wide variety of cases.

Maria Dublin