Best Building Inspection in Newcastle

Best Building Inspection in Newcastle

This week we have registered a new Building Inspection at the City Council of . This Technical Inspection affects numerous neighborhood communities and it is mandatory that it be carried out by a competent technician.

For all those who do not know what it is, how to do building inspection and who should do it, we present this entry.

The ITE is the preparation of a report and opinion prepared by an optional technician, based on a visual Building Inspection , which indicates the state of conservation of the buildings in order to keep them in the conditions of safety, health and public decoration , guaranteeing the precise works and works to conserve or rehabilitate them, maintaining at all times the conditions required for habitability or effective use, and informing both of the basic conditions of accessibility and state of the energy efficiency of the building, as of the possible improvement of the same.

The rest of the communities that are Building Inspection not more than 50 years old must commission an if they plan to carry out any work to improve energy efficiency (facade rehabilitation, roofing …) in order to qualify for public assistance. The completion of the Building Inspection must be prior to the request for public assistance.

The must be carried out by a competent technical technician who is in possession of any of the academic and Building Inspection professional qualifications for the drafting of projects or construction management and direction of execution of building works, as established in Law 38/1999 , of November 5, of Building Planning, or have accredited the necessary qualification for the realization of the Report, as established in the first final provision of Royal Legislative Decree 7/2015, of October 30, which approves the consolidated text of the Urban Land and Rehabilitation Law.

Building Inspection

  • The evaluation of the state of conservation of the building to know the damage and deficiencies appreciated in these buildings, their possible causes and the recommended measures to ensure stability, security, tightness, etc.
  • The evaluation of the basic conditions of universal accessibility and non-discrimination of persons with disabilities for the access and use of the building.
  • The certification of the energy efficiency of the building , with the content and through the procedure established for it by current regulations.

On the Building Inspection website (Portal for Information and Management of the Technical Inspection of Buildings)you can find out if your community needs to do it, or what is the current state in which The inspections presented are found. You can also ask your farm manager.

  • When all the surveys are collected, data collection is carried out . For this, individual visits are made to all the houses. While it is true that some technicians do not consider it necessary to inspect them all, we prefer to carry out inspections on 100% of the houses (as long as there is availability from the owner), to obtain an opinion as realistic as possible.
  • A detailed photographic report of the visual Building Inspection carried out is included . Common elements are inspected: roof, facade, structure, portal, stairs.
  • Measures are taken of all facade elements, gaps, flights, materials, types of common facilities such as gas, water, electricity are noted … we need to also process the Energy Certificate of housing.

  • Avoid risks and physical damages for people who occupy the property and / or are in their environment.
  • Prevent more expensive interventions or rehabilitations.
  • Prolong the life of the building by starting the process of zeroing the building and its conservation.
  • Promote the improvement of accessibility and energy efficiency.

With all the information obtained, the Technical Document that will be delivered to the City Council and which integrates.

The first thing to do is to inform yourself if your community has an obligation to pass the building inspection if you plan to perform any rehabilitation in your community. If so, contact us and we will carry out a thorough, methodological and thorough visual inspection. 

Natalie Leary